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Introducing The Taco Susan ®

The Taco Susan is the first complete taco and burrito serving kit of its kind.

The Taco Susan is available in 3 sizes:

  • * 4 Family Kit
  • * 8 Family Kit
  • * 12 Fiesta Kit

Made in the USA

Official Kit


Made in USA

The Taco Susan is an American Made & Manufactured Product, designed to bring Families Back to the Dinner Table!


Who We Are

We're an Average American Family with an Not-So Average Taco Night Dinner Kit. Click here to check out our story.



Thank you for your over-whelming interest in The Taco Susan™.

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Introducing The Taco Susan®

“Put a new spin on Taco Night®

  • Do You Like Tacos?…Who Doesn’t, Right!
  • Do you like Happy Times with Your Friends & Family? Who wouldn’t!!
  • How about American Made Products made with American Ingenuity? Can’t go Wrong There!
  • Kids, You can learn to fold a perfect burrito!  All by Yourself!!

The Taco Susan® is the invention our son Quinn came up with in 5th Grade. Over the years we’ve continued to improve its design, and over the years we’ve had enough friends, family members and neighbors love it so much that we were compelled to share the Taco Susan with the world!

The Taco Susan® doesn’t just work for organizing Taco Night, it’s uses are almost endless (check out the video on the right to see for yourself). It’s been used for all kinds of party platters, desert trays and even for crafts and workshop projects. We’ve put a lot of time into developing and perfecting the manufacturing of the Taco Susan®. We’re very proud of the high quality of the production version, so we encourage you to purchase one for your household.

You’ll be thankful for the times and the fun you and the entire family will have with it…Which we’re sure we don’t need to tell you is far more important than the organization and efficiency the Taco Susan® will bring to Taco Night! Get the Family to the dinner table and Put a New Spin on Taco Night!

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